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SEXYjet, operated by Clay Lacy Aviation, is an ultra elite Gulfstream V private jet. Book SEXYjet to experience the most luxurious comfort and style in private air travel.

 There is no better way for 14 people to get from point A to point B enjoying a comfortable flight, with the highest level of customer service while working collaboratively. The SEXY brand is all about a wholesome and healthy expression of style. It’s our way of bringing back ambiance and romance to flying privately.

– Mark Bonfigli, Founder of SEXYjet


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The Gulfstream V features a 1,669 cubic foot cabin and partitioned working and sleeping compartments with a lavatory and galley for full inflight food service. The multi-million-dollar interior and exterior refurbishment was completed at Duncan Aviation’s Battle Creek, Michigan facility.

One of the most complex paint schemes it has ever completed, Duncan technicians spent more than 3,000 man hours taking the design from paper to production. The two-tone aesthetic of the project used two primary systems: Sherwin Williams satin black base with satin clear coat and Axalta Chromaulion’s “color changing” base coat color called Perfect Jade. “This unique and stylish paint scheme will unquestionably make it one of the most eye-catching aircraft in the world,” says George Bajo, a Duncan Aviation technical sales representative.

SEXYjet is owned by US entrepreneur Mark Bonfigli. Calling on his automotive marketing background to design the elaborate two-tone pearlized paint, its luxurious and stylish interior has been designed to bring excitement and personality to an otherwise conservative corporate charter world.